The Art of Camouflage

Impeccably stylish

Truly unmatched style. For the impeccably stylish

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A brand for proud men, as a sign of your manliness

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perfection and distinction, thats why people love our shirts

Product features


We make us of the best fabrics. All our shirts are cut from Egyptian Cotton. Weaves from the best mills.


Dedication to details and artistic prints sets Camouflage’s design apart. Together with a well-composed variety of collars, cuffs and shirt styles, our design is what many have described as “a thin layer of sophistication"


A Camouflage shirt may consist of up to 45 different parts, ranging from the front and the back to smaller details such as the cuff.


Awesome shirts, beautifully designed and very unique.

– Lucas Janssen

I am a Camouflage fan. Beautifull designs at good quality and price

– Daniel Jones

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