How to create the perfect business wardrobe?

Geplaatst op 04 juni 2017

How to create the perfect business wardrobe?

Now that work and private are mixed more and more, the line between formal and informal is getting thinner and thinner too. Not long ago a suit was recognized as the most appropriate formal wear, but that is quickly shifting. Nowadays you might need to take a more casual approach to your business wardrobe.

This change might be complex in the beginning. What is appropriate? What do I keep for my casual days? But it also makes it a lot more fun to create a perfect business wardrobe. In this article we will provide you with tips and tricks for a wonderful set of office attire for the years to come.


As a company passionate and fully committed to the fabrication of shirts, this is our obvious number one. The shirt is the most important part of the business wardrobe. Think well about how you combine the colors, collars and patterns. This way you are ready for any event you might encounter during business hours. A formal meeting, a brainstorm session with colleagues and even for drinks after office hours.

Start with the basics and invest in at least two white shirts. It makes you look fresh and combines with almost anything. In addition to plain white shirts you might want to invest in a light blue shirt (or two) and/or a pink or lavender one. These colors combine well with chinos or jeans for a business casual or even casual look. But also go perfectly under a suit jacket. You will find that a combination of the colors works well too. Buy shirts that have a fine white line or checkered patterns in pastel colors.

For a relaxed, yet business appropriate look you can easily combine the shirts with (fine) knit wear like a cashmere jumper.

If the environment where you work is very casual you could be more flamboyant with your choice of shirts.


If the dress code at your office is formal you will enjoy a nice and high quality suit on a daily basis. But even if you work in a fairly informal environment you might have use for a great suit. Think about meetings with the director, presentations for third parties or business trips.

Whatever being the case, invest in a high quality suit, or have one tailored. You will enjoy the great fit and the comfort of the great fabrics for a long time.

The basics for suits are navy or dark gray woolen suits. You will be able to wear these suite in any occasion, also outside of work, and any season.

With private and business mixing more and more, you might find that you will only use the jacket of a suit, with a nice pair of more casual trousers. Or just the pants, with a nice shirt and a jumper. Start combining and you will soon have a few good options to wear to work.

Tip: do you travel to work by bike? Buy a second pair of trousers when buying the suit and wear them alternately. The saddle of your bike will make your trousers wear down faster. This way you are sure to always have a matching pair with your jacket.


Shoes are the finishing touch of any outfit. Both in and outside the office. Whatever type of shoe you prefer, invest in quality rather than quantity. There are three colors of shoes that belong in any wardrobe:

  • Black shoes
  • Dark brown shoes
  • Lighter brown shoes.

The classis office shoe is of course the Oxford lace up. But also brogues or semi-brogues do well in any office. If your work environment is very casual you could probably add a formal sneaker too.

Now that you have established the footwear, please don´t forget to take care of your shoes. Polish them regularly, store them with shoe trees and try to alternate shoes on a daily basis, to avoid the lining from tearing. 


Any look will be complete when the details are done well. There are several accessories that go well with business appropriate outfits.


First and foremost, most business outfits won´t be complete without a tie. Although it might seem easy, picking the right tie can be difficult. Timeless ties, where you will never go wrong are: ties in pastel colors, small polka dots and subtle stripes.

Ties in more vivid colors, like bright pink or orange, can bring a lot of color to your outfit and you will make more of a statement. Whatever you do, stay away from ´funny ties´.

Pocket square

If you decide to wear a pocket square, try matching its color with your shirt, or one color of your tie. But avoid the tie and pocket square in exactly the same design. It will look like ´too much´. When in doubt: a white shirt and a white pocket square are always a good match.

Please remember that the pocket square is not – in any case – to be used as a handkerchief.


Cufflinks can add a luxurious touch to your business outfit. It is easy and fun to personalize the cufflinks, without losing your professional look.

Other accessories

Other accessories for your formal outfit include a belt, preferably in the similar color scheme as your shoes. And possibly a watch that is not too obnoxious.

And there you go, outfit complete!