Nice words of an international customer

Geplaatst op 10 augustus 2017

I live in Colombia. It is a beautiful country, and I am not considering going back to the Netherlands any time soon. The only thing I really miss is being able to buy clothes that are comfortable, stylish, reasonably priced and fit me. Because once you live in the tropics, shorts, flip-flops and T-shirts become weekend-wear. And a nice dress shirt is expected on most occasions, whether it is 25 of 35 degrees outside.

With my typical Dutch body type, the sleeves of the Colombian shirts tend to be way too short. Also the fabric tend to be fairly synthetic or too brightly colored to my taste. Is it impossible to buy a shirt here? No. Is it much easier in the Netherlands? Yes, definitely. Luckily my cousin came to visit and she was kind enough to save some space in her luggage to bring me a few shirts.

After some online research my eye fell on the lovely shirts of the Art of Camouflage. The original yet stylish dessins, the nice cut and the fact that is a relatively small company drew my attention. Sure, I could buy the big brands – I could even buy them here! But being an entrepreneur myself, I prefer to buy from smaller businesses. I liked the website, I liked the informative blogs. But most of all, I liked the dress shirts. And I love(d) the long sleeve option – as my arms can only be referred to as ´monkey arms´. I sent them an email with some questions and the response was complete, quick and friendly. Bonus points for them!

The day came and I picked up my cousin from the bus station. Happy to see her, and also very happy to try on my new dress shirts. I opted for a light blue one and a white one, as darker shades aren´t a great option in the sunny tropics. They are both beautiful and the fabric isn´t transparent whatsoever.
First thing I noticed was how nicely packed they are. Each shirt comes in a separate plastic bag and is wrapped with a fancy ribbon. The collar was kept in place with some plastic things, and even kept the collars in shape during the flight and in the backpacker style backpack of my cousin. The shirts are basically ready to wear after unpacking them, although the packaging left them with some folds.

The shirts fit like a glove. The shirts are long enough to be tucked into my jeans – and stay there throughout the day. They are certainly a slim fit, but definitely not too tight. The fabric is really nice actually, especially in the tropical climate. I like the thin, but very stylish cloth, which is keeping me cool even on warmer days.

Personally I don´t have a great eye for detail, but I am happy the people at Art of Camouflage do! The way the buttons are attached to the shirt is just a ´little different´ in a good way. I can´t remember ever receiving compliments about the buttons on my shirt before!